Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine Science

 Here is a fun experiment to do for Valentine’s day. All you need is a bag of Valentine M&Ms, 4 cups, a spoon, and a piece of paper. I had the students predict what would happen when you put an M&M into water. Then I asked if it would matter if they were different colors. We put them in water for 5 minutes. The students took them out and we discussed what happened.


February Activities- Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
We have been busy working on Olympic and valentine crafts.

We made these by tracing a heart template and using cellophane squares in between a laminating sheet. Then we hole punched the top and tied a string through it. They turned our great.

We made crayon hearts, we used all of our broken crayons and each student put the colors they wanted in their designated heart and melted them in our toaster oven. I don’t have a picture of the final product but we put them on a heart with a doily and construction paper with the words “You color my world”.

 Here is where I got this idea:

Valentine pops

  • Oreos
  • candy melts-red
  • valentine sprinkles

You will also need sucker sticks and wax paper

     1.  Take a sucker stick and dip it in the melted candy melts and put that end into the filling of the Oreo and let it harden.
     2. Take the Oreo on a stick and dip it into the melted candy melts and lay on wax paper
     3. Decorate with sprinkles and let harden.

Valentine Writing

 Each student was given a box of candy sweethearts and asked to use at least 5 of them to write a story. The students glued the hearts onto the paper when they belonged. They had a blast and were very fun to read.

Heart Math

Estimation: The students were asked to guess how many hearts they thought would fit into the heart on the paper. Then they glued as many hearts as they could fit on the paper into the heart. Then they glued on the hearts and wrote the final answer.

Graphing: The students used a box of sweethearts and dumped them out onto the table. The separated them by color using the worksheet to help them. Next they were to graph onto another worksheet by color. We then compared everyone’s answers and talked about how not all boxes were the same.

 Here is where you can find this worksheet for FREE!

We also did a graph of M&M’s the valentine bag. The students sorted by color and got to eat the finished product!

This year, my students are lower functioning, We put out a heart of each color on the table. We would give the boys two choices and ask “which one is ”. Once they were able to match the colors we also had them color the heart that color and glue on the candy heart.

 With the Olympic this year, the boys painted the Olympic rings using the five colors. They loved it, one of them even followed the dots.

You can find the olympic ring worksheet here:

I got these beautiful flowers and a valentine from one of my students. I'm such a lucky teacher!!

These are two other worksheets we did this year with the boys. They really liked them!