Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fall Leaves

This week was all about leaves and trees. We read about different types of leaves and how they change in the fall. Here is one of the books we read in class:

We made these cute trees using the tree template and confetti leaves from target’s dollar section.

(tree template)

Our class read this Fall poem and discussed our favorite part of fall.

We gave the boys three different choices and they put their favorite on the craft. It was interesting to see what they decided and we talked about how we had similar and different answers.

Fire Safety

During Fire Safety week our class read books about fires, how to be safe, and making a plan with our families on how to handle a fire at home. We participated in our school’s fire drill, colored fire safety worksheets, and made these firemen.

I have used this fireman craft the past three years with my students and they love it! We gave the students picture choices of ways to thank a fireman and they decided which they wanted to put on their craft.

If you love this as much as we do, you can find it here:

Since it was one of the first projects the students made in our class I did send them home to parents but the following year we plan to send them to the local fire department to show how thankful we are of them protecting our community.

The coloring sheets were a good way to get the boys to work on fine motor skills and holding utensils. Plus did you can get these for FREE here: