Monday, October 13, 2014

Apples, Apples, Apples

In September our Classroom is ALL about apples!!

Sensory apples

We had the students choose different fabrics to put on their apple template. We cut out the apple and glued it together. I made di-cuts of apples and glued the fabric on them to make a sensory game for the students.

Apple prinTs

We cut apples in half and had three colors of paint on plates. We put forks into the apples to allow for the students to grip onto an object instead of the slippery apple. On one page we had the students pick which color was their favorite apple color to eat and made as many prints as would fit. Then on another sheet we had the students stamp all three colors on the page and added some of the apple seeds on the wet paint so they would stick.

“A” is for Apple

Our Occupational therapist made this awesome craft during group. The students glued beans up one leg of the A and an apple on the top to learn how to write the letter and facts about apples.

Apple Graph

We took a survey of the students in the classroom and the staff they see during their week asking what is their favorite color apple. We then graphed the prints and wrote each persons name on their apple.