Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Month of May

We made gardener friends and discussed how things grow. 

 They can be found here, 

We planted seeds and have been watering and observing them everyday. Unfortunately, we don’t have any windows in our room for sunlight.

Baseball Boys

Although, it would have been more ideal to have made these when spring training started like my students did last year, its still baseball season so we figure they would be fun. The boys had fun making the craft and completing the maps.

We used a combination of these two lessons from Leanne Prince! 

Bumble Bees

We made these bees to go along with our weekly lesson about Bumble Bees. The boys liked using the bubble wrap to make the prints. 

 Memorial Day

We made Memorial Day puppets and a coloring page. 

You can get these for FREE here…


We also made a version of our own poppy craft using one of the craft templates from this unit. The boys enjoyed reading the book about Memorial Day! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Flower Experiment

This week our newspaper topic was Arlington Cemetery. The experiment was about flowers and where water goes in a plant? We put the flowers into colored water and observed them during the week.

We made this fun craft for mother’s day!! 

Our school principals got us this beautiful cake!! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Organizing- Teacher Appreciation

If any of you follow my classroom structure and set up, you know that I am obsessed with being organized.  So I took on the lovely project of organizing everything on my monthly pinterest boards and putting them into binders so I would be able to have the worksheets, crafts, and experiments available at a moments notice. In doing this I made some binder covers and inserts.

You can find the binder covers here:

...and, I just finished the inserts so I don't have them in yet! You can find those for FREE here:

Also did I mention that TPT is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale??? Stop on by my store!!

To all the wonderful teachers out there, thank you so much for what you do!!! You are much appreciated!!

Ending April Showers in May Flowers

How is it already May?? I know they say that your first year teaching will always seem the longest and then the time starts to fly by as the years go on but I didn’t really believe that. How can it be that there is only a month left of my second year???

We finished April with our April Shower Ducks

You can find them here... 

Happy Cinco de Mayo

We made sombreros. The boys had fun adding dabber stamps instead of pom poms.

We also did this fun worksheet.

You can find it for free here…